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Writing Credits – Nancy

7th SEA/SWASHBUCKLING ADVENTURES (Paper & pencil RPG set in an alternate 17th century)

Cathay, Jewel of the East – Alternate Asia – that’s April Lee’s work on the cover, by the way.
Crescent Empire – Alternate “Middle East”
Heroes, Villains and Monsters
Los Vagos – Think “Zorro”…
Islands of Gold – The Midnight Archipelago – Pirate-y goodness and island madness
Sophia’s Daughters – One of the many secret societies
Rapier’s Edge: Adventures in Théah– Swashbuckling!
Strongholds and Hideouts – Buildings and story seeds for GMs
Swashbuckling Arcana – Basic sourcebook for magic in the world
The Invisible College – A secret society of scientists and inventors
The Sidhe Book of Nightmares – All about the mysterious (and deadly) Goodly Folke
Waves of Blood – Sourcebook for adventures on the high seas!


Hercules & Xena Roleplaying Game (Based on a combination of mythology, real world, and the TV shows) – “Gazetteer of the Ancient World” and “Secrets of the Ancient World: Scroll V, The Ancient World”
The Deryni Adventure Game – Based on the works of Katherine Kurtz
The Legacy of Zorro
Vampire: The Masquerade Los Angeles by Night – The original publication


Crimson Skies: Bayou Blues – Novella co-authored with Eric S. Trautmann (This became the backstory for Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge Xbox game)
Charlie Steele and The Menace in the Mountains” – Novella, co-authored with Noah Dudley
First Knights” – Novella, co-authored with Brian Lowe and Noah Dudley


A Renaissance of Faeries” (Faerie Magazine, 2005)

Why Women Love Men with Black Teeth” (Pirates Magazine, 2006)

The Battle for Azeroth: Adventure, Alliance and Addiction in the World of Warcraft (BenBella Books) – “LFG…And a Little More” and “I Play Like a Girl: Yes, That Level 60 Night Elf Warrior is Mine”


” Tinseltown Exposé,”  a game sourcebook for FASA Interactive’s “Crimson Skies” board game.  It’s an alternate history of California that was due for e-publication in late 2002 but never published; I own the rights to the material which could be re-purposed for use in a number of paper & pencil rpgs.

“The Marriage of True Minds,” an entry into the “Jane Austen Made Me Do It” short story contest. Not one of the Top 10 winners, sadly. (The entries have been taken down  – story will be posted here shortly.)

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