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The Gift of an Unfettered Mind

March 31, 2011

There are plenty of blogs ‘n sites about The Worst Boss/Place/Job Ever and nowhere near enough about the upside of working in the game industry (or anywhere else, for that matter), or about some of the incredibly wonderful and talented people we meet along the way. I figured that maybe a little positive energy in that direction would not be amiss…

“Our Different Minds our a Great Gift, pay the price and get the gift” – Mark Aro

When I worked at Vivendi on the Lord of the Rings license, I met some of the aforementioned amazing people, one of whom is Mark Aro. Mark is definitely a wild ‘n crazy guy in all the best ways, and he is phenomenally talented. (Oh, check out the trailer for “Finding Hope Now“)

Mark and his family–especially his wife Lisa–know what it’s like to deal with challenges. I encourage you to read Lisa’s blog, “Queen of the Distracted.” It’s funny, poignant, and direct. If you’re dealing with ADD/ADHD issues in your own family, or you know someone who is, I think you will find it encouraging; if you’re not, it will hopefully give you some insight into how people deal with brilliance on a daily basis.

While I’m on the subject of families dealing with ADD/ADHD, I’d also like to refer you to Shonda Shilling and her book “The Best Kind of Different.” I had the privilege of getting to know this amazing family when I worked at 38 Studios.

Sure, I can write reams of virtual paper about the negative side of my several-many years in this business, but I’d rather share some nice stuff. How people like Shonda and Lisa deal with this challenge is truly a source of inspiration!

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