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Huevos Rancheros FTW

March 10, 2011

It was Ash Wednesday which meant a light dinner (it was a “fast” day which, as I understand it, means “don’t eat a boatload o’ food” day) and it was also a meatless day. And it was very warm outside (Note: According to my dear friend Marlene, we have two kinds of weather here–Beautiful and Strange. Yesterday was a bit of both, gorgeous warm day in March, while much of the country is swimming in flood water or still digging out from under the snow.)

So, what to fix for dinner? I’m guessing that among the items in the pantry of many Southern Californians, there is at least one can of beans of some kind, as well as some cheese, eggs, tortillas, and salsa in the fridge. Which means… huevos rancheros!

For those who have never experienced this amazingly satisfying dish it’s very simple: corn tortilla, beans, at least one gorgeous fried or sunny-side-up egg, and salsa (either store-bought or homemade); cheese optional. John is not a major salsa fan (see, he’s from the Other Side of the Country so he’s into ketchup). However, when it comes to cooking The Perfect Sunny-Side-Up egg, he is THE master chef. And happily I had all the ingredients available for the meal.

I used Rosarita Vegetarian Beans – just dump them into a pot and stir and they get all nice and yummy. No need to add salt or pepper (really! Even I do not add pepper and I put pepper on darn near EVERYTHING)

John dressed the eggs with a tiny bit of a new Kraft product:

This is very nice and melts quickly. I added some Pace Picante Sauce to mine and we had dinner. Quick, easy, and oh so good. And no meat (ok unless you count the sunny-side-up proto-chickens).

P.S. If you want a fancier recipe for Huevos Rancheros, you can search the web including Food Network, or you can check a cookbook (like Rick Bayless – yummm) or find his Mexico One Plate at a Time/Season 2/Open All Night episode for the recipe.

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